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【Sound Room】2014.03.03 - Hikari no Signal

Intro talk about how the front members see Busaiku now. They discuss their appreciation for each other and Nika talks about Mitsu, Gaya talks about Yokoo-san, and Miyatama about each other. Nakai messes with Senga about his face lol.

Na is Nakai, L is Lily Franky. I don't know how to sub so I'm sorry if this is hard to read D:

Unnecessary Comment:
This is kind of personal, but I’m a fairly new Kisumai fan (I used to just watch KisuBusa because it was funny), but this talk was what really made me fall in love with them. I really recommend this to anyone who loves them all as a group ♥


Na: In what way do you three watch the other four members? They have certainly changed since they became Busaiku, right?

F: Yes, they’ve changed.

K: They have.

Na: You didn’t see anything like this before, right?

N: Ever since we became Busaiku, we just accepted it and went along.

M: That’s right.

N: We do our own thing freely.

S: We believe this is the right way to do it.

Na: Honestly, the three of you seem kind of gloomier now.

F: People tell us that.

Na: The three of you guys. The vibe is different, and since they’re so cheerful, I start to wonder, “Are they in a bad mood?”

N: AHHH, really!? That’s a loss for you guys!!

Y: It’s going to be damaging!

S: We’ll give you advice!

N: You guys should adjust yourselves to us.

Na: I think it’s important to adjust your vibe depending on what is needed...

N: Our needs adjust themselves to us, right?

Na: They do!?

K: That’s so oblivious!

Na: That’s great. That’s something a true star would say. You know how some people come late to things. When people tell them to come at the right time, they say, “Time adjusts itself to me.” It’s the same as that.

N: Let’s become big shots.

M: Yeah.

S?: We already became big shots!?

F: That’s way too soon!

T: It’s only our third year...

Na: His voice didn’t get through at all. “It’s our third year…”

T: No but really, when the four of them go out first with their enthusiasm, the three of us wonder if we have to match them. But honestly, matching them is already getting pretty tough.

Caption: Please share your thoughts about the VTR

S: When we’re given a sign that doesn’t have a name on it, that generally means it’s directed towards the four of us.

N: It’s first come first serve! It all depends on who gets it first.

M: The four of us fight for it.

Na: You guys are like hunters!

S: It’s the survival of the fittest.

Na: I didn’t think it would end up this way.

L: What do the three of you think? Do you think Nakai-kun did something unnecessary?

Na: How are you guys feeling about this?

F: The three of us were able to appear in the Tana kara Botamochi PV

Narrator: Kitayama, Fujigaya, and Tamamori appeared in the music video of Busaiku’s first single, Tana kara Botamochi. What tragedy did they face at the end of filming!?

F: Nika cared for us, and he told the three of us to greet everyone too.

Na: I watched that from the back, too.

F: Yes, so since the three of us were going to a appear [in the PV], we went to the middle of the stage to greet everyone. Then, everyone said, “No! Today, the four of them are supposed to be in the middle!” So I thought, “Oh, but…” Of course I understand that, but we wanted to greet everyone…

Na: Right, you have to greet them. That’s true.

F: Yes, so I tried to do it, but the fans were all, “No!! Not today!!” So the three of us were kind of sad, thinking about how we were getting treated. I understand their feelings, but…

L: The four of you debuted and released a CD with the group name Busaiku, and I don’t know if you guys gained confidence from it, but you all seem much more handsome compared to the last time you were here.

All: Thank you.

Na: As a producer I didn’t think things would end up to this extent.

S: Did we go too far? What do you think?

Na: I dunno!

S: What?! [Everyone: @(*#$&]

Na: Because it’s worrying without the front three!

?: That’s true. We apologize.

L: When I see this, I think the counter movement from the front three will be interesting to watch out for.

Na: Definitely. It’s definitely your turn. I’d like the three of you guys to step it up, too. I think you guys have to be in a bunch of dramas that make you look cool.

K: Whenever this topic comes up, their eyes look so sad. Look at them! They think their big wave is trying to come to an end.

L: How little they shine when they’re in their “off” mode is funny.

Narrator: Busaiku members and Kitayama, Fujigaya, Tamamori seem to be arguing, but we asked about how they really felt about each other.

To Kitayama,
Thank you for really getting angry at me that one time!

Na: So, who is this message from?

N: Me!

Na: Oh, Nikaido. When was this from?

N: Since 4th grade…

Na: You’re going to tell a story from 4th grade!?

N: No, since 4th grade—

Na: There’s a limit to how much you can play around!

N: No! I entered Johnny’s in 4th grade, but from around when I was 17, I lost all of my motivation. I used to think that it was cool to not listen to what others said.

Na: Well I guess there is a rebellious phase.

N: That phase continued until around the time I was 20. By then I was already a member of Kis-My-Ft.

Na: Oh, you were already a member then?

N: Yes. Mitsu always used to tell me that I look much better when I’m dancing more seriously.

K: I think it was also because of the relationship as the oldest and youngest members.

N: He always told me that, but I thought, “Why are you looking down on me?”

Na: Because you were doing what you personally wanted to do.

N: Yes. That phase continued for a long time. Then, when I was about 20, I got a phone call from him saying, “What are you doing right now?” I said I was eating, and he said, “I’m going to come over now.” He already sounded a little pissed on the phone.

K: I'd already decided what to do then.

Na: That you were going to approach him firmly?

K: Yes, that I should tell him what I thought.

N: He was already very passionate from the beginning.

Na: Since he already set the switch, huh.

N: Yes. He said, “What’s with you? What do you even think of Kisumai?”

Na: What you think of the group in the first place?

N: Yes. I said, “I’m just a member.” In response, he said, “Then quit.” We got angry, and it turned into a bit of a fight. From there, I started crying. I said that honestly, I wanted to try harder and I wanted to do well for Kis-My-Ft2, but I didn’t know what to do. Then, Mitsu started crying for me too and told me, “If you’re worried about stuff like that, come and talk to me. I’ve always been watching you.” In the end we hugged.

K: We’re so passionate!

N: If that didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t be here.

Na: What’s wrong? Why are you holding back tears?

S: No, nothing’s wrong.

All: What’s wrong? Did something happen?

Na: Why are you holding back tears?

S: Well, it just made me think about all the things from the past and it started to make me cry.

K: You really love this group, don’t you!

M: You get pretty emotional about stuff like this.

Na: WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU! You play dirty, if you think you’re not getting screen time for 2 minutes you start streaming down tears!? I don’t remember teaching you THAT much!

S: No, no! That’s not my intention. I just thought about how stuff like that happened.

Na: It made you remember and you started tearing up? I don’t know why, but your mouth area was really coming out. It’s coming out more than you think, you know.

S: I know my mouth area comes out, I can’t pull it back. That’s why I keep pressing it with the tips of my fingers.

Na: It’s impossible, your normal appearance comes out.

Na: Let’s go to the next one.

To Yokoo,
I disliked you in the past, but I love you so much now!

Na: Who is this one from?

F: This one is from me.

Na: From Fujigaya?

F: Yes. Honestly, I don’t think there was anyone who liked Yokoo back in the days.

Na: From around Kisumai was about to debut?

F: Yes, around then. He was in a different group, so he had a sense of pride that went against the fact that he had to form a group with his juniors. For example, there were times when I was supposed to make announcements but I can’t do it well because I got nervous. Then he’d tell me strictly to at least properly make announcements. When it comes to his turn, he ends up not being able to do it at all either.

Na: That’s exactly like how Nikaido was.

F: Yes. And I’d try hard to sing, but he’d say, “You’re so off that I can’t dance to it.” Then it’d be his turn to sing, and he’d be way off.

Tana kara Botamochi
Yokoo’s solo became even a hot topic within Busiaku

Na: That’s impressive. You couldn’t talk or sing, but you criticized others’ singing and talking?

Y: I was just getting carried away.

F: It was coming from his pride and age.

Na: I see.

F: So during that time, I tried to have the least amount of interaction with him as possible. Now, it’ strange because not only is he a member but he’s also a best friend. He really knows everything about me.

Na: He understands you.

F: Yes. So I was wondering why we ended up like this.

Na: Why, do you think? From around when?

F: There was a time when I was able to take part in a drama for the first time. This was during a time when everyone wanted to be in dramas, too. So even though they were happy, we were still young so we had trouble being able to honestly say that to each other. There was also a feeling like, “I wanted to be in it too.” So when I was unable to attend rehearsals due to filming, he’d call me at night. I thought it was troublesome, because I thought he say stuff like, “[You keep missing rehearsals] because you’re doing dramas.” I picked up expecting to hear something like that, but he told me about which places they rehearsed that day, and what parts were changed.

Na: Why so kind!?!?

?: It’s a “gap” [between his usual impression].

Na: Sooooo troublesome!!

F: Questions like “Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating properly?” usually came from either my mother or Wataru.

Na: I guess it’s hard to tell how things will end up.

Na: Who and who are close? Tama, who are you good friends with?

T: I guess I’m closest to Miyata. Despite everything.

K: Miyacchi really loves Tama.

Na: How much do you love him?

M: I love him more than anyone else in the world.

T: More than anyone in the world!? That’s so hard to deal with!!

K: He seems to really love him!

M: I really like him!

Na: Could you sleep in the same bed with him if you wanted to?

M: Of course. We’d end up in the same hotel room when we’re on tour, so I’d crawl into his bed and sleep next to him.

T: Are you serious!?!?! I didn’t know!! [to Kitayama] Help me, since you’re in the same room!

K: The three of us are in the same room, and I certainly hear Miyata rustling around.

M: That’s horrible.

Na: You rustle around!?!?

M: No, I don’t do that!!

Na: That’s not good! Don’t look at Tama’s sleeping face and rustle around!!

M: That’s not true!! When I fall asleep first, Tama wakes me up.

Na: What do you mean?

M: He says something like, “I can’t accept you sleeping before me.”

Na: You get lonely?

T: It’s because…I like him.

Na: If the feeling is mutual, then fine. Rustle around together.

Na: Kitayama, who are you closest to?

K: I guess I see Nika pretty often.

Na: So that means…Tama and Miyata, Kitayama and Nikaido, Fujigaya and Yokoo……huh? Oh?

S: Um…I thought I was close with everyone…

Na: You don’t have anyone?

S: What’s with you, Nika!? I thought Nika would say that he likes me.

Na: What? That he likes you???


[After their performance]

Na: There might come a time where you all decide to do things separately as the four and three of you guys. You guys might think that your vibes are so different that balancing things out would be difficult.

S: If it weren't for those three, the four of us wouldn't have been able to form Busaiku.

M: Yeah, we wouldn't have been formed.

S: So that's why we have to cherish all seven of us.

Na: [Your mouth area] is coming out. It's coming out.

K: Put it back. Put it back.

Na: It comes out by itself.

S: I'm actually pretty insecure about this. I'm really thinking of getting it fixed.
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