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【Kisumai Radio】 2013.06.26 - Miyata, Tamamori

Anime talk, Miyacchi trying to be funny and failing, Tama making fun of Miyacchi being nervous, typical Miyatama


M: Miyacchi's Moe Moe Anime~~~~~ YAAAAY!! This is a segment where I, Miyata Toshiya, passionately talk about anime!

T: ...what is this segment?

M: Now, now...

T: Since when?

M: This...started today. Ina-san from Tokyo thought up of this segment. She also thought up of the title "Miyacchi's Moe Moe Anime," too.

M: Since today is the first time, I'd like to introduce to everyone something like how to enjoy watching anime.

T: To watch even more enjoyably.

M: I'd like to tell everyone how to watch anime more enjoyably. *clears throat*

T: You're trying making yourself look so cool, even though people can't see your face.

M: ;akldf--I messed up.

T: Get yourself together, seriously!

M: Sorry. Guess it's not like me to try and be cool!

T: Yeah, it didn't suit you.

M: I'll do it right, then.

M: When you watch anime, it becomes most exciting after midnight.

T: ...........hahahahahahaha XD


T: So you were saying earlier, what do you mean anime gets exciting after midnight?

M: Oh, when I said it gets exciting after midnight?

T: Yeah.

M: Anime that's being shown during the afternoon is interesting, of course. Ones shown around 6PM in the afternoon...like Gon that's currently airing.

T: I don't know, but okay.

M: The one with the 3D dinosaurs.

T: Yeah, I don't know.

M: There's shows like that, and of course they're interesting. But the "golden time" for anime is from around midnight to 3AM. If you don't watch shows from that time frame, you can't call yourself a true anime fan.

T: I see...are there any shows that you've been into recently?

M: Now? Hm...one that I can't forget is Hyouka. This anime called Hyouka is so interesting, I recently bought the light novel version of it and I'm always reading it on the train. What's good about it is that the heroine, Chitanda Eru-chan, is ridiculously cute.

T: This is amazing, your eyes sparkle when you talk about anime. That change is impressive.

M: Let's talk about anime sometime.

T: I don't know about anime so I can't talk about it.

M: That's true...I'll invite Sakuma from Junior's, then.

T: Yeah, do that. He's your anime otaku buddy, right?

M: Yeah. I'll go talk about anime to him, then.

T: Okay.

M: So the two of us are doing this radio episode following last week's. What are your thoughts on this?

T: Me? It's really funny to see you MC.

M: Why?

T: It's so easy to tell that you're nervous from just looking at your face. Your face has this expression that says "I'm nervous!" You start to fidget too, like you hold pens and mess with your water bottle even though you're not drinking out of it. You do all kinds of things.

M: No, no. I'm doing all of this with a reason behind it.

T: There's a reason? You're already sweating, too!

M: I'm also sweating with a reason.

T: Huh. Are you nervous?

M: Of course I'm nervous! Tama, you do it, then!

T: You're supposed to do it today. I'm going to watch you in amusement.

M: I'm going to ask Bunka Housou to have us do this together again, and have you MC next time. I want to watch you nervously do this, too.

T: I see. Today we get to be in this nice studio and have a great view, you know?

M: That's true.

T: You can see Tokyo Bay...

M: I'm so nervous that--

T: You can't even pay attention to this view, right?

M: I didn't realize at all.

T: I'm more concerned about your nervous expression than the scenery, too.

M: Oh...really?

T: Yeah.

M: After I saw this view, though, I might've calmed down a little.

T: It calms you, right? Let's try to widen your perspective a little from now on, Miyata-kun.

M: That's true. I'm going to calm myself once as I look at the ocean...okay, I'm good now.

T: Alright, let's do it. Let's go.


M: Now is the time for Kisumai's Chiku Chiku Chikurin, where listeners gently point out moments that they witnessed members do.

T: Yayyyyyy.

M: Apparently this segment gets an overwhelming amount of stories about me. I wonder why. In order it's me, Miyata, and next are Senga and Nikaido.

T: It's all the mischievous members.

M: I wonder why.

T: Probably because you're always doing things that you'd get called out on.

M: You mean I'm secretly doing these things?

T: Yeah.

M: Seriously?

T: Yup.

M: I wonder what kind of stories there are...

T: Well it seems like we got a lot today, too.

M: Then let's read some.

T: This is from Aoi Pippi-san.
"Good evening, everyone! I always enjoy listening to your show. I'm sending this message today about Miyata-san during the Kis-My-Mint tour. I attended the daytime show in Hiroshima on May 13, and this happened during the introduction scene of Girls Contest. You appeared saying "You won't die, because I'll protect you", a popular quote from a certain anime. Later, I saw you murmur something as you went off of the stage. To me, it sounded like you were saying, "Come on, everyone, understand this!" After that, you and Tamamori-kun were whispering to each other for a while. Were you complaining to him about what happened? You might not remember, but what were you actually saying?"

M: So first, when I came out I said "You won't die, because I'll protect you." I stole that from a certain anime. I'll admit, I stole that. The audience didn't particularly get excited over it.

T: Not particularly, huh.

M:Not particularly. I guess there weren't that many people who knew it.

T: Not many cheers or anything.

M: I thought, "Oh well." I figured it couldn't be helped. I don't remember murmuring something to myself, but I always said something to you after I quoted that. So when I said this once in the past, there was a time when you laughed really hard. When I saw your reaction I became so happy, so that's why I kept saying that quote, but the audience didn't react at all. So I said to Tama, "I'm not getting any reactions".

T: Of course! There's probably more people who don't know where that's from.

M: That's true.

T: You saw me laughing and you became happy, right?

M: Yeah. I thought, "Oh, this can get laughs!"

T: You need to make the fans happy! Why are you trying to make me happy instead??

M: That's true. Sorry, I made a mistake 8D

T: Aoi Pippi-san said that you were muttering something to yourself after that, though.

M: I wonder what I was saying. Probably "I'm not getting any reactions" or something like that.

T: Probably. Since you didn't get many cheers or anything.

M: I should quote something that more people would know.

T: You remember saying that, though.

M: I remember.

T: From now on, please remember what exactly you said.

M: Okay, got it. Then let's read the next message...this is also for you to read, Tama-chan.

T: Should I get started, then? This is from Hokkaido's Maririn-san.
"Good evening! I'm Maririn, a huge fan of Miyata-kun's. Good work on your tour! Fortunately, I was able to attend the Kis-My-Party in Sapporo. Thank you very much for such a great time. The following is a snitch from me and everyone else who was at the party. Miyata-kun's outfit seemed like it was something a B-kei rapper in Shibuya would wear. What caused you to change your mind like that? Could it be that you're graduating from your otaku character? I was kind of expecting an uncool outfit, so I was surprised. I will continue supporting you, I hope all 7 members work together and do your best."

M: AAAAGHHH, I got snitched!

T: That's something that we all wanted to call you out on.

M: Ughhh I got snitched!! You weren't supposed to do that! This was a special day where only people who came to Hokkaido could see Miyata's transformation from an A-boy to a B-boy.

T: Was it also because it was the last show?

M: Yeah, since it was the last one, I bought B-boy clothes just for those who came to Hokkaido. You can't call me out on that!

T: Even though we all wear our usual clothes to Kisumai Party, we all wore pretty formal outfits, you know?

M: That's true.

T: We wore jackets and stuff. And in that situation, you wore B-kei clothes. That wasn't appropriate for a party at all.

M: Huh? It didn't say there was a dress code! It's fine! It didn't say B-boy style wasn't allowed!

T: How was the party anyway?

M: The party? Honestly for the one in Hokkaido, I thought my B-boy outfit would be a hit, you know, since I'm usually an A-boy. It was a moment where Miyacchi would turn from an A-boy to a B-boy. But when the time came, it wasn't really that big of a hit. Again, I thought "I'm not getting any reactions", and the show went on. I didn't want people to think, "Miyacchi calls himself an otaku, but is he usually a B-boy?".

T: What, so you thought people would make fun of you for wearing that outfit? You thought you'd get laughs, right?

M: Hey! Hey, stop! Don't say it like that!

T: You wanted to show off, "I can even do things like this!"

M: No, no...saying that I wore it hoping to get laughs...don't make me sound so desperate!

T: You always mess up when you try hard to be funny.

M: Ah, I see.

T: Everyone says that. It's those moments where you're really driven up the wall and you say one comment, and that's when people say you're funny.

M: I get told that.

T: You probably tried too hard with your B-boy outfit.

M: I see.

T: You didn't really get laughs and no one brought it up, and things ended pretty quietly.

M: That's true. I wore the B-boy outfit again during the encore of the concert the day after the Kisumai Party in Hokkaido.

T: You wore your own clothes

M: Yeah. While everyone else was wearing their concert outfits, I came out in my own B-boy clothes, but I didn't get any laughs.

T: Not particularly.

M: I guess it's not good to try to purposefully be funny.

T: To fans, they probably just thought, "What happened?"

M: That's true. I'm sorry, everyone in Hokkaido!

T: That you didn't get many laughs.

M: I had fun, though.

T: That's good, then.

M: I'll try to live more naturally from now on.

T: Good luck.

M: What's with that? Hey!! Hey, Tamamori!!

T: I don't understand you...

M: Understand me! How many years do you think we've been together for?

T: You're sweating too much.


M: Miyatama pair hosted for two weeks in a row. How do you feel?

T: It's been a while since I saw you sweat and get nervous, so I had fun.

M: I wasn't nervous.

T: You were!

M: I kept the show going splendidly. I wasn't nervous, not at all...

T: Your expression is stiff!

M: No, no, no...

T: Your face though--

M: Just because our faces aren't showing on the radio doesn't mean you should say that!! My MC today was almost as good as Ueda-san, wasn't it?

T: How would you rate yourself today, then?

M: What?

T: How many points (out of 100) would you give yourself?

M: I have to rate myself?

T: How many points? If you were to rate yourself. Try rating yourself.

M: ...maybe around 40.

T: That's pretty low! That's low!

M: Tama, did you not enjoy this today? Did you have fun?

T: Well, it was normal.

M: That's the most difficult answer to receive!

T: It felt like a new experience. After being requested to do be all lovey-dovey as Miyatama and actually trying this together, I'm starting to think maybe I don't like you as much as I thought.

M: Stop that! Seriously. I really want to do this again as Miyatama with you doing MC. I wanna make you experience this feeling too!

T: Don't worry, I'll probably be able to do it better than you.

M: Oh, you think? You really say that? Let's take those words and prove it to the nation.

M: It was fun today, don't you think?

T: It was fun.

M: I want to do it again!

T: If we have the chance.

M: Come on, what do you mean by that...

T: If we have the chance.

M: I see. Fine. Thanks. You mean "If we have the chance, I'd like to do it again", right? As an optimistic person, I'll believe that you want to do it again.

T: .............okay.

M: You--!! Respond!! What's with you!?

T: You're funny, Miyacchi. Thanks.

M: We can't have a proper conversation!

T: You're sweating too much.

M: This moment was probably the most I sweat the entire day.

T: Yeah. Thanks.

M: Well, then. This conclusion isn't very good! Say something to wrap it up!

T: You do it! You're MCing, so you do it properly.

M: That's true!

T: Do your job until the end.

M: You're right. Well...everyone, please request Miyatama to host again!

Kinda hard to hear but I think Tama says "You don't have to" at the end LOL. Sorry for the lack of updates, RL's been busy!
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