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【Kisumai Radio】 2014.07.09 - Kitayama, Fujigaya, Tamamori

Building forts as a kid, discussing students' summer break, funny nicknames

Audio: Follows video "キスマイRadio 2014年7月9日" on Youtube


F: This is an Arigachi Danshi (segment where they talk about common things boys do) from Puri-san in Hyogo. “One that I know is boys who want to make secret forts. Sometimes boys who are making secret forts have such serious expressions that they make me laugh. Everyone from Kisumai, did you make secret forts too?”

T: Secret forts, huh.

F: We probably did, right? I used to make them.

T: I did.

F: Right?

K: I had about three different forts.

T: Wow, that’s so extravagant.

K: One in a tree, one using a fence that I built holes around…

T: I guess everyone makes them, huh.

K: Yeah, we do.

F: We do, don’t we.

T: I made one too. I did it by putting cardboard up on a tree.

K: In a tree…so like a house.

T: Yeah, yeah, like that.

K: Yeah, using it like a board.

F: You did it like that, huh.

T: What about you, Gaya?

F: Me…after hearing you guys, I…grew up in the city, so…

T: Ugh, here we go.

K: City boy?

F: I’m quite a city boy, so—

K: What kind of secret forts do city boys have?

T: Bet it’s pretty amazing.

K: Is it like…concrete?

F: So the point is, it’s probably weak from rain and wind, you know?

K: Secret forts are all about making them durable from rain and wind.

F: In the apartment I lived in, there was already a space for that.

K: At your apartment!? A secret fort space?

T: What is that?

F: Yeah. So we would bring all kinds of things there.

T: That—

K: I don’t get that at all. That’s not a real secret fort. We would break branches and go to places where it’s overgrown...

F: Oh, stuff like that—

K: —and we’d make them durable to rain and wind.

T: Did you have parks?

F: Parks—well the space below my apartment was a park.

T: Woooow, so cool.

F: There was a bamboo grove there, and I made one in the area next to it. I broke bamboos and stuff. So I made two, the city boy version and…

T: Ahaha XD So much experience.

K: Wait, so you’ve never turned bamboos into fishing rods?

T: I have.

K: You have, right?

F: Oh…there wasn’t any place to go fishing.

T: Dang…

K: So, what, you’ve never gone fishing, Fujigaya?

F: No, I have. I have when I went camping with my family. Because if I were to make a fishing rod from bamboo and bike from where I used to live in elementary school to the beach, it’d take me at 4-5 hours.

K: Biking to the river with the rod you made…

T: I did that.

K: After school and stuff, right?

T: I did. I used to make balls of mud, too.

F: Oh, I’ve done that too.

T: We would try to see how hard we could make them.

F: You made them from that white sand, right?

T: Yeah, yeah.

K: I did that too. On the way back we’d suck honey from flowers like azaleas…

F: I did that, too.

K: What about that…the eraser shavings?

T: Eraser shavings?

K: Like gathering eraser shavings…

F: What do you do with that?

K: You knead them.

T: …no, I wasn’t as indecent as that.

K: It wasn’t indecent!

F: Didn’t they sell those, anyway?

T: Kneaded erasers, right?

F: Yeah kneaded erasers, and they had smells…

K: No, you get excitement from making them on your own. Didn’t you make pretty huge ones?

T: I didn’t make them out of eraser shavings.

F: You make them from eraser shavings?

K: Yeah, from eraser shavings. We’d take it into the bath with us, too.

T: What?

F: What?

K: And if you warm them up, they kind of stretch. They get really soft.

T: I haven’t done that much. I didn’t.

F: That’s kinda nasty.

T: It’s pretty bad.

K: Everyone does it. At least everyone from my hometown has done it.

F: You guys all took baths with them!?

K: We did! We took baths with eraser shavings.

T: That’s crazy.

F: And you still do that to this day—

K: No, I don’t!! If I did, it would’ve grown to a pretty impressive size! It’d probably be as big as a pillow.

F: I guess it’s different based on regions and generations. This is pretty funny, I didn’t think we’d have as much fun as this. Okay, Kisumai Radio is going to start.


T: Apparently the students in society are going to have summer break soon.

F: How long is summer break?

T: How long have we not had summer break for?

F: When we were students...

K: When we were students, summer break was our time to work hard.

F: So if they say summer break is a month long…they’re off for a month!?

T: Must be, right?

K: Isn’t that amazing!? What do they do!?

T: 1 month?

F: So they’re…off for about 40 days?

T: Wow!

F: They don’t go to school at all, and they’re mostly…off?

T: That must be nice, don’t they go to the beach and stuff?

F: Seriously!? If we had 40 days off now, don’t you think we wouldn’t be able to come back on the 41st day?

T: Isn’t that ridiculous? What would you do, if you were given 40 days? If you were told that you were off.

F: What, seriously?

T: What would I do…

K: Isn’t that too many days?

T: Has it always been 40 days? When we were students. Like in middle school.

F: Wouldn’t we not know since we’ve been working?

K: It probably was.

T: Wasn’t it just 1 month?

K: Maybe it’s longer by a week or so now. I don’t know, though.

F: Is it getting longer by year?

T: They’re getting relaxed.

K: They are.

F: They’re getting relaxed in places like this?

T: That’s amazing.

K: That’s nice everyone gets breaks.

T: Yeah. Must be nice. I haven’t done anything summer-like.

F: I haven’t at all.

K: For us, we might also not want to do anything since there’s too many people.

F: That’s true.

T: Yeah. But don’t you want to go to the beach?

K: You want to?

T: Wanna go?

F: When did we go together?

T: Going with Kisumai…when we went together? 2 years ago.

F: 2 years ago, huh. (sigh)

T: Our tensions are gonna go down, so let’s go! Please listen until the end!



T: It is now time for “The Most XX Conference”, where we talk about “the most XX moment” of our lives. It’s time! Gaya-san, is this your first time doing this? Have you done this before?

F: What’s this about, again?

K: It’s probably your first, then.

T: It probably is.

F: Do you choose #1?

T: Would you like to see how it’s like as we go along?

F: Sure.

T: Then, Mitsu, please read for us.

K: Then let’s try this. Fukai-chan from Saitama. “What was the funniest nickname you’ve ever gotten in your life? Please share to us.”

T: “Arara”?

F: What’s “arara”?

K: Nickname! *Adana = nickname

K: Did I just say “arara”?

T: I heard “arara”.

K: Nickname, nickname.

F: I thought Yokoo Wataru was here.

K: Nickname.

T: The funniest nickname we’ve gotten in our lives, huh.

K: Nicknames, huh…

F: There was one time when Tama wore a floral outfit, remember? And I made that nickname “Buzzmori”. You said you didn’t want just that to be remembered, so what was that nickname you gave me then?

T: Woodygaya.

F: Woodygaya, that’s right!

F: I still don’t really understand that.

T: Woodygaya.

F: Even when it’s little things like nicknames that come out during our MCs like that, our fans remember those keywords and make it into uchiwas to communicate to us that they were also there the day before, you know?

K: They pick it up!

F: So there became a ton of “Buzzmori” uchiwas, and Tama said he didn’t want it to be just him. So he threw in this “Woodygaya” during a totally unrelated MC, and raised the number (of Woodygaya) uchiwas and was like, “Alright!!”

K: I see.

F: I didn’t understand that!

K: XX (Couldn’t hear what he says in the beginning here orz)

T: Our fans are fast, you know.

F: A nickname was created from something small like that.

T: Yeah. Nicknames are scary.

K: When I was in elementary school, I got called Hiroron.

T: Hiroron!?

K: Hiroron. Isn’t that frightening!? Hiroron. It’s like the Sergeant (He’s referring to the manga Sergeant Keroro)

T: Like a sergeant.

K: Like Sergeant Hiroron.

T: Hiroron, huh.

K: It was pretty crazy. Tamamori, don’t you have anything?

T: I only had dirty ones.

F: Surfing Tama.

T: Surfing Tama…there was that.

F: Ever since we were Juniors.

F: They’re all dirty, so it’s pointless to say.

K: It’s pointless?

T: It’s all pointless dirty references. We can leave that.

K: You don’t have any? With your first name. You might have a lot with your last name, but…

F: This wasn’t during my childhood, but this is a “common Taisuke” thing…my relatives all call me Tai-chan. That’s by my relatives And since I’m in the entertainment world, some distant relatives come out and say they want to meet me, you know?

K: They expand, huh.

F: They expand, right? I was sensing that, but these unfamiliar people who obviously try to make themselves seem closer call me Dai-chan. There were moments I thought, “You definitely aren’t my relative!”

K: Isn’t that a fatal error?

F: I’ve heard of them, but that distance…you know? To me, they’re people I don’t know. They say, “You’ve gotten so big, Daichan~” like they knew me when I was a kid. I think, “That’s not even my name!” There were moments like that.

T: Dai-chan…

K: You don’t have any? With “Yuta”.

T: I don’t have any from Yuta…I wish I had funny ones like Hiroron.

F: Then let’s make one now.

T: No, no, no.

F: Yutatan.

T: Yutatan. That’s no good. It can’t win against Hiroron. That’s no good. Nicknames…I have none. I’ll just say I don’t. So—it’s okay. Can I move on?

F: So this segment is like this, huh.

T: Did you get it, Gaya? Do you understand?

F: Yeah…if you have another one...

T: Another one?

K: Ruko-chan from Aomori. “When was the time you gained the most weight?” Probably when I was around 20 for me.

T: 20?

K: Yeah. I ate a lot when I was 20. I’d eat sets of soba and katsudon.

T: It’s probably a period like that, huh.

K: Weren’t you like that before too, Tama?

T: There was a period back when Miyata, Mitsu, and I’d eat almost every meal together, remember?

K: There was.

T: During that time, my face was bloated on idol magazines.

K: Mine was bloated too.

F: Around 20, huh…

K: I was just a fatty.

T: Seriously bloated.

K: It seems like this is common in other groups too, though. Especially—but kids recently don’t get fat, do they?

F: When I gained the most weight...

T: You don’t have a period where you gained the most weight?

F: Me?

T: I don’t really have an image of you gaining weight.

F: I had a period like that, but it’s not something that’ll get us excited even if I shared it. I got skinny when I was doing a play, so I realized that wasn’t good, so I ate and gained weight. See, I told you, it’s not that interesting.

T: You gained it all back.

K: What should we do!?

K: “The most memorable thing that happened at a hotel while on tour”.

F: Stuff like this sounds good.

K: We had this one, but I thought maybe this was too idol-like.

F: Something that happened at a hotel?

K: I wonder.

T: What about Gaya? With Wata?

F: We don’t move around rooms anymore. We used to a lot when we were Juniors though, and we’d get caught and got scolded by Johnny-san, remember?

K: Everyone was more mischievous back in the day. We would all just be in our underwear and run around, right?

T: We did, we did.

F: I wonder why…all of us in Johnny’s did that, didn’t we?

K: It was common.

F: There were some senpais that would tell us, “You guys were loud last night, weren’t you?” and there were others that would seriously get angry at us. There were 2 patterns.

K: Now that we have kouhais…we don’t really get angry, right? So recently, don’t you wonder what kind of metal state you must’ve had to be in to get mad like that?

T: Oh, I get what you mean. There were moments that I felt like I would’ve gotten mad if I were in their position. But…I don’t know. I don’t get mad, so…

K: I wonder why I got scolded at.

T: So that’s about it.

F: This was fun.

T: Was it? That’s good. We are awaiting your topics on “The most XX moment of my life”—

F: Actually, I’ve done this before!

K: What? You say this now?

T: You have!?

F: We have, haven’t we?

K: You say this now!?

T: Apparently Gaya-san has done this before.

F: I have.

T: Seriously?

F: Yeah.

T: That’s a little surprising…oh well. Now tha(*#@&$—ugh :| We are waiting for your messages for “The most XX moment of my life”. This has been “The Most XX Conference”!


T: Now now, it’s almost the end! How was it? It’s almost the end.

F: I heard you.

T: How was it?

K: I think Kisumai is dangerous when it comes to live broadcasting.

T: We are. We’re totally dangerous.

F: It’s our quality.

T: Our quality.

K: It’s our quality, right? The contents.

T: Yeah, that.

K: Yeah, yeah.

K: Some people may get bothered by it, but...

T: But if people could see it as Kisumai’s good trait...

F: Even though we probably won’t change, right?

T: We won’t.


Sorry for the hiatus! Due to RL I probably won't be updating frequently but I'll try to post as much as possible :)
This episode was more amusing than expected XD Don't worry Mitsu I used to make those things out of eraser shavings too lol.
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